Sunday, May 4, 2014

"MATH" centers

I really struggled this year with getting my Math Centers organized and in a routine.  Then I went down to the KYSTE conference (yeah, the technology conference) and got a FANTASTIC idea from a teacher in Eminence Independent district.  She was doing a presentation on flipping the classroom but also explained an acronym for her math centers.  I took this idea and plunged forward with it....and LOVE it!!!  Take a look!

Each child goes to 2 centers a day and we do this twice a week so they get to all 4 in the week!  Here's how I grouped and displayed them!

M (Math with the Teacher)

This is where the students meet with me and work on problem solving.  It is all differentiated to their level.  I got a unit from Miss DeCarbo and I love it!

A (Assessment)

I use various resources for this center.  I used my own Common Core Math Assessment for a while.  I made it into a little booklet and the kids split up around the room to work on their own and complete it.  I then took the books and printed my tracking sheet to see if the students mastered, need some help, or are really struggling with the skill.  Other weeks for the assessment center I used interactive notebook pieces, cut and paste activities, and printables.  They are always based on the skills we are working on for that week and something where I can check their mastery of the skill.  Then I always have something fun like a mystery picture for early finishers!

T (Technology)

I love technology!  At this center I used the Computers and the ENO board to work on skills that we are covering for that week.  I used Compass Odyssey, Moby Max, Education City and even anything you usually use for technology and math!  I really have been loving Moby Max because it is differentiated and the kids really love it.  Education City is something I really like to use for the ENO board.

H (Hands On)

This center focuses on hands on activities for the skill we are working on for the week.  So if we are working on place value, the students would be using Base Ten blocks to solve place value problems.  In this picture they are practicing their math facts with a game and flashcards.

I can't wait to start this off first thing next year!  It's such a wonderful way to differentiate the centers and the kids really respond to it!!  I love it!

 How do you implement Math Centers in your classroom?